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Second home rentals provides good income for home owners

Websites such as Airbnb and the Dutch Micazu are shaking up the travel sector with market places for holiday homes. Whether it is for a drill, a holiday home or a taxi drive: more and more private individuals do business with each other instead of with companies. No wonder that Micazu

Second homes at the French coast up to 20 percent cheaper

The buyers are there but they have high demands, the sellers will still be able to benefit from the tax system for a few months and the interest rates are very low. These are all elements that stimulate the transactions at the French coast. The good news for the summer of 2014 is that

A second home: From beach shed to luxurious villa

How can you purchase a holiday home with a limited budget? And what do you get for € 20,000, € 60,000 or € 100,000? The average house owner spends well over € 250,000 on a second residence, according to the Second Home Fair. But there is some good news for those who want to spend less

Investing in a recreation house

Investing in a recreation house can have different reasons. “Yield and profit may be important factors here, but they are not necessarily what motivates everybody to buy a recreation house,” according to Henkjan Prins, fair manager of Second Home International, a large-scale fair wher
Nederlanders zoeken alternatieven voor dalende spaarrentes

The Dutch look for alternatives for decreasing interests on savings

Investing in a second home Because of the decreasing interests on savings the more wealthy Dutch look for alternatives. An investment in a second home means a good investment for many people. That was shown by a survey that was launched during the recently held Second Home Internation
Huidige marktontwikkelingen van positieve invloed op tweede woningmarkt

Current market developments positively influence second home market

During the autumn edition of the Second Home International exhibition in Utrecht (2013) a public survey was launched among the visitors. This survey indicated that the current market developments have a positive influence on the Dutch purchasers’ purchasing process of a second h

Tips & adviezen

A dream house in Turkey

In 2009 we visited the Second Home exhibition, looking for an affordable and suitable holiday home. Our search was at first focused on France and Spain. However, my wife and I wanted to seize the opportunity to also have a closer look on some Turkish projects. At the stand of Blees Es

A second home in Belgium: an investment within reach

To Anja and Alain it was clear; their second home should not be too far away in order to have everything within driving distance. “Every year we go on holiday to Spain”, says Anja who always visits her aunt there. That is where grew the idea to purchase a second home. R

A second home on Curaçao

Curaçao is a tropical idyll in the Caribbean sun. It is always warm and there is a constant little breeze which makes it so pleasant to linger on this magnificent island. Both Jürgen Martina as Liesbeth and Bernard Boelema found their second home on this wonderful island. About life a

Giraffes in the backyard: a second home in South-Africa

Isn’t it nice: relax in the sun at the pool of your second home in December while the giraffes curiously walk by. That is possible in magnificent South-Africa where more and more Dutch nationals purchase a second home. For example Joop and Trudy Silvius from Papendrecht , who ca