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Tax refund for those who own a second home in France

Hundreds of Dutchmen are entitled to a refund from the tax authorities in France because they have paid too much tax on selling or renting out their second home in France. That appears from a declaration of the French Ministry of Finance. Earlier this year, the European Court of Justi

Second Home top 5

Wake up with a view over the Italian Lake Garda? Enter the ski slopes in Austria straight from your front door, of rather enjoy your own villa in the inland of the Spanish Andalusia? Those who have always dreamt of this, need look no further. Purchasing a second home abroad becomes ea

The dream of owning your own second home

A second home on that wonderful holiday spot in France or another foreign country can be attractive, also as investment, but there are a lot of things to think about. Have you too seen such a beautiful old house, a lovely little farm with a parcel of land or an attractive apartment wh

Buying a second home in Italy?

Make sure that the preliminary purchase contract is registered! The preliminary purchase contract, the so-called preliminare in Italian, must be registered at the Italian Tax Administration within 20 days after the establishment. If the contract was drawn up by a notary the term is 30

The return on a second home in Malta

Malta on the rise Did you know that Malta’s economic growth is the highest in the EU after Ireland’s? In 2014, the GDP increased by 3.5% and it is expected to increase by 3.6% 2015 and by 3.2% for 2016. Furthermore, Malta boasts one of Europe’s lowest unemployment rates (3.4% March 20

Second home in Macedonia is very popular

Taking into the cost of living when purchasing a second home is not a bad idea at all. After all, there are big differences between the various countries in Europe. Norway is by far the most expensive (holiday) country to live in, followed by Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland. As to co

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A dream house in Turkey

In 2009 we visited the Second Home exhibition, looking for an affordable and suitable holiday home. Our search was at first focused on France and Spain. However, my wife and I wanted to seize the opportunity to also have a closer look on some Turkish projects. At the stand of Blees Es

A second home in Belgium: an investment within reach

To Anja and Alain it was clear; their second home should not be too far away in order to have everything within driving distance. “Every year we go on holiday to Spain”, says Anja who always visits her aunt there. That is where grew the idea to purchase a second home. R

A second home on Curaçao

Curaçao is a tropical idyll in the Caribbean sun. It is always warm and there is a constant little breeze which makes it so pleasant to linger on this magnificent island. Both Jürgen Martina as Liesbeth and Bernard Boelema found their second home on this wonderful island. About life a

Giraffes in the backyard: a second home in South-Africa

Isn’t it nice: relax in the sun at the pool of your second home in December while the giraffes curiously walk by. That is possible in magnificent South-Africa where more and more Dutch nationals purchase a second home. For example Joop and Trudy Silvius from Papendrecht , who ca