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Invest in a second home in Turkey

Turkey, with its strong economy and an increasing amount of European companies, remains a country with a lot of potential.

The Turkish export is still on the rise and with its 75 million inhabitants Turkey also has an enormous interior market.
The investments by the Turkish government in tourism and infrastructure are growing as well.

The sale of real estate to foreigners is still on the rise.

The region at the Mediterranean Sea remains most popular. In 2015 we saw an increase of 10% and even 24% during the first 6 months there. The prices of real estate in Turkey are low in comparison to those of many other countries. The additional purchase prices, energy costs and the costs of living are also very low.

A second home in Turkey is still affordable.

Both for modest savers as well as for people who want to enjoy their savings once they are retired. Lately, we have been noticing that even the younger generation is investing too.

You can rent out your property.

If you bear in mind that hundred thousands of Europeans chose Turkey as a holiday destination this year, you know that your investment may generate a nice profit.

Turkey is an exceptionally beautiful country.

A lot of people know Turkey as the country of ‘sun and beach’ but it has so much more to offer. Turkey has one of the most beautiful coastal lines at the Mediterranean Sea, a breath-taking mountain landscape, rivers, lakes and plenty of unspoilt nature.

Source: TURKIMMO.BE – Vera Houthoofd

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Over the past few years the attention of foreign investors for real estate in Turkey has grown. Different factors play a role in this evolution. Economy, geography (climate), mutual standards with the EU, low prices on the housing market, attractive tax system and political stability despite the Middle East conflict are some factors that work to Turkey’s advantage.

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