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FAQ - Advertise your properties

FAQ - Advertising

How it works

Unlike many other portal websites, we do not charge subscription fees, but opt for a "no cure - no pay" model where you only pay when you receive leads. After adding a advertising budget of € 350,- you can add unlimited properties. In this way, we offer an accessible way to advertise your properties in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Advertising in 4 steps

Step 1: Set budget
Through the page Balance you have the possibility to set a budget. This budget will be used when you receive leads. You also have the option to buy some other products.


Step 2: Set your property
Through the property manager you can easily set properties. For the best results, fill in all the fields and use your professional photos. Automated placement is possible with an XML-feed.


Step 3: Extra promotion
Before you post the property online, you still have the possibility to highlight the property. This can be done by means of a "top property" or a post on the Facebook pages of the Second Home Fair in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Step 4: Receiving leads
Now that your properties are online, there is a good chance that you will receive requests. If you receive a request, you will be noticed by email. In the lead manager you will find all the leads you have received for you. 



Activate property - Free
If you have budget in your account you can add unlimited properties for free. 


Information request - 35 credits
When your properties are online, you will probably receive information requests from potentially interested parties. A request for information includes Name, Telephone number, E-mail address and any comments of the buyer.


Appointment on Second Home Fair - 35 credits
If you participate in one of the Second Home Fairs as an exhibitor, website visitors can schedule an appointment. This request shall contain the Buyer's name, telephone number, e-mail address, day, time and any comments made by the buyer.


Top property (25.000 views) - 25 credits
If you want to highlight your properties, there is a possibility to turn them into a "top property". The property is then shown more prominently in the offer. In addition, the property will also be visible on the homepage and country-specific pages that are relevant to the property.


Share your property on Facebook - Netherlands 45 credits
Would you like to highlight the property in the Netherlands? Then choose this product and show your property to the followers of the Facebook page: Second Home Fair. The moment of placement will be determined by us based on availability.


Property sharing on Facebook - Belgium 45 credits
Would you like to highlight the property in Belgium? Then choose this product and show your property to the followers of the Facebook page: Second Home Belgium. The moment of placement will be determined by us based on availability.


XML support - 90 credits
We offer brokers the possibility to set properties automatically via an XML. The cost of establishing this link is 90 credits.


Quality of leads - Reporting abuse

By using a No cure - No pay business model, we can keep the costs of setting properties low. Nor do we oblige advertisers to purchase an expensive subscription from us.   Of course, we strive for high quality leads. However, it may occur that someone submits a "test request". If you receive such a request, the lead manager can " report abuse ". We will then receive a message and will investigate the lead. If the report is well-founded, we will credit the lead.


We won't credit leads :

- When someone decides not to buy a property from you.
- When interest in the property is not very concrete or when the purchase period is long.
- When someone prefers to be contacted by phone or e-mail only.
- When there is no response to email or phone.
- When the property has already been sold.

To measure the quality of leads, all applicants will receive an email after 48 hours with a number of questions about the first contact. Leads are called up by us on a random basis in order to measure the quality.  

Is it possible to add banners on your websites?

Yes this is possible through Google Adwords. Just create a display campaign and target on the domains: and

I want advertise my properties in your newsletters. Is this possible?

The only thing you have to do is add your properties to the portal. We use a marketing-automation systems that sends your properties automatically to people who are interested. Visitors who have a profile on our website receive regular newsletter with properties according to their profile.

Do you send invoices with VAT reverse charge for customers in Europe.

Yes, we do. The only thing you have to do is adding your VAT number to your invoice address in the profile. Please check VAT number with VIES. 

Do I receive my credits back when a lead is bad?

In some cases we will give back your credits. In cases of spam or testing we will do a refund. Our full policy about leads and lead quality you read above. 

How can I cancel my account?

Just send an email to and we will contact you. 

Are there statistics available?

Yes, in the property manager you can see how often your properties appeared in seach queries and how often it is visited. 

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