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Dreaming about your second home in Italy

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Buy a House in Italy. Have you always dreamed of owning a home, surrounded by sun, amazing architecture, history, culture and delicious cuisine? For those who want all of these “luxuries” but often don’t have the means to indulge, Italy could be the ideal location for you. Buying a house in Italy at this time would be the perfect choice.

According to the latest numbers released by Eurostat a few days ago and analysing
housing market in the third quarter of 2015, Italy is one of the European countries with
the lowest property prices at the moment with a -2.3% if compared to the same period
in 2014. On the contrary the majority of the other nations registered a huge increase.
As a matter of fact the cost of real estate increased by 2.3 % in the Euro area and by
3,1% in the European Union.

Due to the economical situation, there are also more properties on the market than
there were about 8 years ago, meaning that you can choose from the best at a lower
cost than you would have paid in the past. And what is more mortgage rates were
brought down. So more and more people are becoming aware of this fantastic
opportunity to purchase a beautiful second home in Italy. This is so true that Gate-, the leading Italian property portal solely devoted to international house
hunters, detected a huge growth in the number of overseas purchasers in search of
their dream home in Italy thanks to this favourable contingency.

As you can understand, buying a property in Italy will not set you back as much as
purchasing a house anywhere else. But where? While you could buy in Tuscany, and
you certainly should take advantage of the breathtaking scenery, Renaissance art and
architecture, as well as the gentle warmth of the region, there are other and less
famous areas which are slowly rising in popularity but still untouched by mass tourism
that could also provide you with your beautiful Italian abode at very affordable prices.
For example, you could benefit from a wonderful farmhouse in Le Marche – a stunning
location surrounded by elegance and beauty with beaches, coves and limestone cliffs –
for half the price of the same housing solution in Tuscany. Or Abruzzo, which boasts
hilltop Medieval towns, mountain views and sandy beaches at just 1 hour drive from
one another. Here you can find very interesting bargains. Along its northern coastline,
a few metres away from the sea, fantastic apartments at 120m² go for about
€125,000. Though if you fancy the challenge, houses in the ancient village of Lecce dei
Marsi sell for just €1, and are in desperate need of restoration, but are guaranteed to
pay off.

But don’t delay! Both mortgage rates and property prices in Italy will soon increase
once more, so it’s time to take advantage during this small window of opportunity. For
the price of just €1, you could be the owner of a second home in beautiful,
breathtaking Italy, and enjoy the rich culture of a wonderful country over and over


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